Rachel Lindsey Fridell Holder Carson Family

Rachel Lindsey Fridell Holder Carson, born Nov. 8, 1914 and died Oct. 17, 2006, age 93

First Marriage to Iredell H. Holder, born June 5, 1910 and died May 1, 1988 buried Oakdale (community) Tennessee divorce 1951-52.

Second Marriage to Glenn C. Carson, b              d.          buried Memorial next to Rachel Fridell Carson, wife


I. Myrtle Elizabeth Holder, Hulsey, Bolton.  Born October 9, 1939
        First Marriage:  Harrel Ernest "Sonny" Hulsey Jr. b. 3-7-1940 m. 6-10- 1957- divorced 1963 & he died: 1976


         1. Harrell Bart Hulsey b. 3-9-1960 married 9-15-84 to Melissa Dale Floyd b. 2-23-64


                i. Sara Katherine"Katie" Hulsey, b 9-15-1986 marrying June 13, 2009 to Charles Ray Perkins 9-21-84 ?
                ii. Benjamin Patrick "Ben" Hulsey, b. 5-6.1990

         2. George Forrester "Buddy" Hulsey b.11-26.1961,
First Marriage to Janice Elaine Yarbrough b ? divorced :1981.


                 i. William Chad b. 6.12-:1979
                 ii. Bryan Kelly b.5-25- 1980
                 iii. Christopher George b.1-25-1981 married 1997 Christy Gaddis b. 9-83
                        i.  Katelyn Leighann Hulsey, b. 4-9-2003
                        ii.  Brandon Chase, b. 12-21-2008.

            Second Marriage to Donna Jean Brooks, 7-23-1993

                i. Jeremy Heath, born 5-2-1989
                ii. Ernest  George Cody, born 8-28-1990 and died 2-15-2007   

    Second Marriage of Myrtle Elizabeth "Bizzy" Holder: married Bill Bolton, b Nov. 12, 1937: married, May, 1969.  Bill died of cancer Sept. 26, 1999.


        i.   Evelyn Marie Bolton, b 12-28-1970- married Mark Gilbert, b ? Divorce pending Mar. , 1999 living

        ii,   Daniel Bolton, b. 3-26-1974

II. George Martin Holder, born December 10, 1941- died March 17, 1998, age 56 buried Oakdale (community) Tennessee.  Married Anita Melam, divorced.  Married Barbara Wessenberg divorced.  issue: None

III. Mary Ann Holder, b. Sept. 16, 1945 m. 6-1-64 to Boyce Henry Arnett, b 1-11-45, reside Searcy, AR


i .   Jan Michelle Arnett, b. ll-12-1966, married626-1993-toWilliamBensonVance,
b.10-27-1969, reside in Chattanooga, TN


                          i.   Anna Caroline Vance, b. 3-12-1996
                         ii.   Mary Catherine Vance, b. 1-15-1998
                         iii.  Charlotte Adelaide, 8-9-2000


2. Jon Mark Arnett, b. 8-11-1969- married 5-23-1992 to Lori Leeanne Adkins, b. 6-8-71 reside in Lakeland, TN


                            i.  Ellie Faye Arnett, 6-8-1996
                            ii. Carson Elizabeth Arnett, b, 11-3-1998
                           iii. Molli Leeanne Arnett, b. 9-30-2000
                           iv. Greyson Mark Arnett, b. $0-5-2003


IV. David Craig Holder, b 10-16-1949 d. 11-3-1966 (accidental death) buried in Memorial Cemetery, Chattanooga, TN




















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