Clevenger, Tennessee


Clevenger, TN as shown on the 2009 Tennessee Official Transportation May, is located in east Tennessee on US highway 411, at the intersection of  TN state highway 25W, close to exit 432 of I-40, about five miles west of Newport, TN.   It was shown on Tennessee State Highway maps as "Clevenger's Crossroads" until about 1997 at which time it was changed to Clevenger, TN.

On the original Quadrangle maps of the Tennessee Valley Authority and the United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey Edition of 1940 the 164 - NE Quad (above) was titled "Clevenger Quadrangle" as the most outstanding landmark for the Quad was Clevenger, Tennessee.

While researching the Clevenger Family in 1970 my father, Ernest Clevenger, Sr., found the TVA Clevenger Quadrangle map and asked a friend if he could find a copy of it.  In a letter dated Nov. 11, 1970 from Charles R. Page, Jr., Forest Land Manager and Consultant, Chattanooga, TN, he said, "The enclosed maps reveal something that TVA rarely does--change the name of a quadrangle sheet--this is why I had trouble finding it for you.

"Keep both maps if they are of interest to you.  The new map (Chestnut Hill) shows the marked changes that have occurred in the area since 1939 and the completion of Douglas Lake.  If you need an interpretation, call me."  Charles.

By the time Interstate 40 was constructed the largest settlement in the 164-NE Quad was Chestnut Hill.  The I-40 route while close, just by passed Clevenger and the little town did not grow.  Evidently the TVA thought it more descriptive to rename the 164-NE Quad "Chestnut Hill Quadrangle" (below)

when the Geological Maps were redrawn to show the Interstate and Douglas Lake.









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