C. R. Clevenger, Sr. Family Children

                Charles Robert Clevenger, Sr.
          and Myrtle Minerva Valentine Hinds Clevenger

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"For inquire, I pray thee, of the former age, and apply thyself to that which their fathers have searched out (for we are but of yesterday, and know nothing, because our days upon the earth are a shadow).  Job 8:8-9.

Seated (left) Leon, Myrtle, Charles R., Sr. Ernest A., Sr.
Standing (left) Margaret, Charles R., Jr. Eugene, Ralph

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Charles Robert Clevenger, Sr. b. Oct. 10, 1885 [at Big Spring, TN]; d. Nov. 8, 1968 [at Chattanooga, TN]
m. Dec. 25, 1907 [at Glen Alice, TN] Myrtle Minerva Valentine Hinds Clevenger b. Feb. 14, 1889 d. Sept. 3, 1973


Ernest Allen Clevenger, Sr. b. Oct. 22, 1908; d. Jan. 26, 1984.
    m. Dec. 23, 1928 [at Chattanooga, TN] Mary Ellen
Fridell Clevenger b. May 13, 1909, d. Jan. 23, 1978.      


         Ernest Allen Clevenger , Jr. b. Oct. 30,1929-       clevengerea@comcast.net
             m. Dec. 17, 1950[at Puryear. TN]  Glenda Belle Willoughby Clevenger b. Aug. 19, 1931- 

                      Ernest (Ernie) Allen Clevenger, III (7/16/1953-
                           Married [3/30/94] Julie Johnson Thomas Clevenger (9/10/1958- Julie@CaareHere.com
                                Ashley Thomas (3/16/1986-
                                David Ernest Allen Clevenger, IV (11/29/1996-
                       Elisabeth Anne Clevenger Loyd  (11/16/1955-)
                            Married [2/18/1977] Roger Alexander Loyd (9/27/1953-
                                Paul Jacob Loyd [Jake] (10/17/1979-
                                      Married [11/3/2007] Ann Hurt Trimble Loyd (12/25/1981-
                                Willoughby Engel Loyd [Will] (9/16/1981-  willloyd@comcast.net
                                      Married [9/6/2008] Jenny Lynn Armour Loyd (4/1/1981-
                                      Ali Engel Loyd (3/20/2011-
                                Katherine [Katie] Elisabeth Loyd Medlin (5/16/1985-
                                      Married [5/17/2008]
Thomas (Trey) Ray Medlin III (4/1/1986-
                                      Hampton Gray Medlin (12/19/2012- 


            Robert [Bob] Graham Clevenger (9/10/1931-12/28/2005)
                Married [1954-1988] Martha Pearl Roubadeaux Clevenger (12/16/1936-
                        Val Jean Clevenger Peck  (5/18/1955-
                            Married John Peck [Jan. 1950] (Deceased, 2000)
                                Justin John Peck (1/6/1981-
                                Matthew Peck (4/26/1984-
                        Gregory Lavelle Clevenger (5/14/1958-
                            Married Desiree Jefferson Clevenger [1983-1992]
                                Cory Lavelle Clevenger (12/29/1989-
                            Married [7/9/1994] Selina Anne Murdock Clevenger


            Michael Dale Clevenger (7/02/1940-
                Married [1966] Nancy Sutherland Clevenger
                    Michael Dale Clevenger, II (6/11/1972-
                    Ami Celeste Clevenger (9/8/1976-
                Married [3/17/84] Alice Render Clevenger (2/25/1961-3/23/2011)
                    Patrick Macpherson [Mac] Clevenger (7/21/1986-
                    Jesse Allen Render Clevenger (8/15/1990-


            Alice Mae Clevenger Cooper (3/14/50-

                    Married [3-17-72] Larry Wayne Cooper (3/4/1948-
                        Tyson Andrew Cooper (2/26/1973-
                                Married [10/17/98] Niki Hedrick Cooper (10/14/1972-
                                        Jordan Nicole Cooper (8/9/1999-
                                        Laurel McCade Cooper (7/24/2003-
                        Craig Allen Cooper (3/4/77-
                                Married [6-5-99] Laura Hamm Cooper (6/20/1977-
Karis Elizabeth Cooper  (3/11/2003-
Joshua Landis Cooper (8/12/2005-
Charlotte Elyse Cooper (8/3, 2008-
                                        Penelope Anne Cooper (7/18/2011-
Stuart Madison Cooper (3/4/1977-
                                Married [7/10/99] Jenny Leanne Trenshaw Cooper (10/5/1976-
                                        Madison Leanne Cooper (10/27/2003-
                                        Philip Graham Cooper (8/18/2005-
Chase Alexander Cooper (4/9/2009-
                                        Knox Hamilton Cooper (4/28/2011-


Charles Robert Clevenger, Jr. (12/26/1914-9/7/1985)
Married (7/11/1936) Idella Bernice Gass Clevenger (10/7/1915-12/22/1965)
            Charles Robert Clevenger, III (9/21/1940-9/9/2012)
                Married [9/1/1962] Judy Phillips Clevenger (9/1/1941-
                    Charles Robert
Clevenger, IV (Chuck) (2/5/1965-)
Married [7/25/98] Jody Doll Clevenger (10/11/1964-
                                    John Washington Clevenger (11/7/1990-
                                    Adopted by Chuck 12/20/99
                                    Julie Anne Clevenger (4/7/2001-)
                                    Charles Robert Clevenger, V (Charlie) (1/17/2005-
                      Jill Denise Clevenger Hartness (5/11/1968-
                            Married [6/27/1992] Jeb Baker Hartness (3/23/1970-
                                    Grayson Phillip Hartness (4/3/1996-
                                    Eula Olivia Mary Hartness (3/16/1999-

              Caroline Mae Clevenger O'Brien (2/21/1944-1/22/2010)
Married [2/14/1964] Robin O'Brien (7/17/1939-
Kelly Lynn O'Brien Higgins (1/14/1967-
                        Married [5/18/1996] Marcus Higgins (4/19/1965-
                            Kailin Higgins (6/10/1997-
                            Garrett Higgins (8/16/2001-
                    Michael O'Brien (2/9/1971-

Leon Franklin Clevenger (b. 5/23/1910 d. 11/10/1990)
Married [July 26, 1934] Bertine Muriel Ruef Clevenger, b. Nov. 14, 1916
            Nancy June Clevenger Martin b. May 10, 1938
Married Don Martin (Aug. 1956)
                       1. Leon Terrance b. July 31, 1957
                       2. Bertine Susanna  b. Jan. 27, 1959
                       3. Tammy Lynn  b. Aug. 17, 1962
            Martha Sue Clevenger Vance b. April 14, 1948
                Married Rex Vance


Margaret Jane Clevenger Blackwell (b. 8/6/1912 d. 11/15/1986)
Married [March 7, 1933] Lonnie Wyeth Blackwell (b. 11/15/1910 d. 6/7/2002)
Edwin Wyeth Blackwell  (b. 8/6/1934-
Married [10/25/1957] Joyce Ann Pinckley Blackwell (b. 4/30/1938-
                    Glenda Marie Blackwell Mann (b. 8/6/1963-
Married [12/18/1982] Timothy Anthony Mann (b. 7/15/1960 d. 8/19/1999)
                            Amanda Katherine Mann (b. 3/21/1986-
                            Anthony Kyle Mann (b. 6/25/1991-
Married [11/15/2002] Harold Keither Hager (b. 9/11-1967-
                    Edwin Alan Blackwell (b. 9/20/1966-
Married [12-14-1991] Ninette Marie Wheeler (b. 9/3/1967-
                            Brianna Nicole Blackwell (b. 10/11/1996-
                            Bryce Conner Blackwell (b. 2/5/1999-                               
            Frances Jane Blackwell Daniel Rowlett (b. 9/21/1941-
Married [1/30/1965] James Terry Daniel (b. 7/23/1935 d. 6/6/1984)
                        Gregory Todd Daniel (b. 10/2/1965-
    Married [11/29/2002] Shelagh McComb Daniel (b. 8/10/1958-
                            Heather Dean Daniel (b. 3/2/1992-
                            Heidi Margaret Daniel (b. 3/2/1992-
                            Kailey Siobhan Daniel (b. 5/28/2003-
                        David Scott Daniel (b. 9/27/1972-
    Married [6/20/1999] Stacy Lyn Holt (b. 4/7/1974-
Married [4/1/1989] David Lee Rowlett (b. 11-3-1947-

Eugene Wert Clevenger (5/18/1919--11/23/2004)
        Married [4/7/40] Glennie Mae Parris Clevenger (5/16/1921-)
Gary Clevenger (12/4/1946-)
Married Renee Ellis Clevenger
Robyn Clevenger Williams (9/1/1976-)
                            Married [12/4/1998] Lee Williams
                Married Deborah Beth High Clevenger
                        Cody Joseph Clevenger (11/5/1987-)
            Geneanne Clevenger Chounet (6/28/1960-)
                    Married  [6/3/1991] Michael Chounet (2/13/1955-)
            Gaylynn Clevenger (2/21/1962-)
                    Married [7/15/1995] Joe Murphy (11/4/1951-)
                        Evan Murphy Clevenger (12/27/1997-)
                        Quincy Mae Murphy Clevenger (/2005-)

Asa Ralph (Ralph) Clevenger (7/23/1922-4/9/2011)
Married [11/28/1942] Effie Clarine Harris Clevenger (10/1/1925-)
William Thomas (Tommy) Clevenger (11/6/50-) tcorangebison@aol.com
Married [9/20/1970] Mary Elizabeth (Beth) Carman  Clevenger (4/20/1950-2/26/2003)
                        Elizabeth Eve (Eve) Clevenger (11/5/1974-)
                            Married Ben Peace
Emily Anne (Emily) Clevenger (8/29/1978-) kojie4life@aol.com


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Alice Mae Clevenger Cooper
Alice Render Clevenger
Ali Engle Loyd

Amanda Katherine Mann
Ami Celeste Clevenger
Ann Hurt Trimble Loyd
Anthony Kyle Mann
Asa Ralph Clevenger
Ben Peace
Bertine Muriel Ruef Clevenger
Bertine Susanna Martin
Brianna Nicole Blackwell
Bryce Conner Blackwell
Caroline Mae Clevenger O'Brien
Charles Robert Clevenger, Sr.
Charles Robert Clevenger, Jr.
Charles Robert Clevenger, III
Charles Robert Clevenger, IV
Charles Robert Clevenger, V
Charlotte Elyse Cooper
Chase Alexander Cooper
Cody Joseph Clevenger
Cory Lavelle Clevenger
Craig Allen Cooper
David Ernest Allen Clevenger, IV
David Lee Rowlett
David Scott Daniel
Deborah Beth High Clevenger
Desiree Jefferson Clevenger
Don Martin
Edwin Alan Blackwell
Edwin Wyeth Blackwell
Effie Clarine Harris Clevenger
Elisabeth Anne Clevenger Loyd
Elizabeth Eve Clevenger Peace
Emily Anne Clevenger
Ernest Allen Clevenger, Sr.
Ernest Allen Clevenger, Jr.
Ernest Allen Clevenger, III
Eugene Wert Clevenger
Eula Olivia May Hartness
Evan Murphy Clevenger
Frances Jane Blackwell
Garrett Higgins
Gary Clevenger
Gaylynn Clevenger Murphy
Geneanne Clevenger Chounet
Glenda Belle Willoughby Clevenger
Glenda Marie Blackwell Mann
Glennie Mae Parris Clevenger
Grayson Phillip Hartness
Gregory Lavelle Clevenger
Gregory Todd Daniel
Harold Keither Hager
Heather Dean Daniel
Heidi Margaret Daniel
Idella Bernice Gass Clevenger
James Terry Daniel
Jeb Baker Hartness

Jenny Leanne Trenshaw Cooper
Jenny Lynn Armour Loyd
Jesse Allen Render Clevenger
Jill Denise Clevenger Hartness
Joe Murphy
Jody Doll Clevenger
John Washington Clevenger
Jordan Nicole Cooper
Joshua Landis Cooper
Joyce Ann Pinckley Blackwell
Judy Phillips Clevenger
Julie Anne Clevenger
Julie Johnson Thompson Clevenger

Justin John Peck
Kailey Siobhan Daniel
Kaliin HIggins
Katherine (Katie) Elisabeth Loyd Medlin
Kelly Lynn O'Brien Higgins
Larry Wayne Cooper
Laura Hamm Cooper
Laurel McCade Cooper
Lee Williams
Leon Franklin Clevenger
Leon Terrance Martin
Lonnie Wyeth Blackwell
Madison Leanne Cooper
Margaret Jane Clevenger Blackwell
Martha Pearl Roubadeaux Clevenger
Martha Sue Clevenger Vance
Mary Ellen Fridell Clevenger
Mary Elizabeth Carman Clevenger
Matthew Peck
Michael Chounet
Michael Dale Clevenger
Michael Dale Clevenger, II
Michael O'Brien
Myrtle Minerva Valentine Hinds Clevenger
Nancy June Clevenger Martin
Nancy Sutherland Clevenger
Niki Hedrick Cooper
Ninette Marie Wheeler
Patrick Macpherson Clevenger
Paul Jacob Loyd
Phillip Graham Cooper
Renee Ellis Clevenger
Rex Vance
Robert (Bob) Graham Clevenger
Robin O'Brien
Robyn Clevenger Williams
Roger Alexander Loyd
Selina Anne Murdock Clevenger
Shelagh McComb Daniel
Stacy Lyn Holt
Stuart Madison Cooper
Tammy Lynn Martin
Thomas (Trey) Ray Medlin, III
Timothy Anthony Mann
Tyson Andrew Cooper
Val Jean Clevenger Peck
William Thomas Clevenger

Willoughby Engle Loyd

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