Ernest Allen Clevenger, Jr.

Ernest A. Clevenger, Jr.

        Born and reared in Chattanooga, TN, he is married and the father of a son and a daughter and has four grandchildren. Clevenger has degrees from David Lipscomb University, BA; Harding University Graduate School, MA; Southern Christian University, BTh, MRE & MTh; Berean Christian Seminary, Sacred Literature Doctor; Livingston University, Doctor Humane Letters; and Thomas Goode Jones School of Law, Doctor of Law. He has served as minister for churches in the following cities: Athens, TN; Murray, KY; Russellville, AL; Birmingham, AL; Montgomery, AL; and Chattanooga, TN. He has taught at Russellville High School, Alabama Christian College of Biblical Studies, Alabama Christian College, Southern Christian University and Faulkner University; and has lectured at numerous colleges and universities in the U.S. Dr. Clevenger has served as a college instructor, college and university professor, academic dean of Alabama Christian College, dean of Thomas Goode Jones School of Law at Faulkner University, president of Boyd-Buchanan School, and president of Faulkner University.  

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 He has written numerous books and articles published in many newspapers, periodicals and other venues, some of which are: 



@ ANY AGE, An Autobiographical Memoir With Genealogical and Historical Records

Published July 2011, this book is available in paperback, hardback and Kindle.  Full description @ Any Age.




First Edition published by Parchment Press as one of the Bible Centered Studies series.
Written by Ernest A. Clevenger, Jr. and Samuel G. Hill, and
© Copyright, 1968, by Parchment Press. This edition revised and enlarged.  ©Copyright 2011, by Ernest A. Clevenger, Jr.

Bible Geography has 100 key terms and 19 outlines covering Bible countries, cities, mountains, bodies of water, and Bible places from Genesis to Revelation.  Seventeen maps are included as well as Internet helps to expand the geographical information.  The eBook Handbook is available without cost and may be freely downloaded by going to this LINK




A Student Guide for Bible Geography is also available and may be printed for each student.  The free guide is described at this LINK from which it may be downloaded.







 One of the Bible Centered Studies series.  Written originally by Ernest A. Clevenger, Jr. and Samuel G. Hill, and © Copyright, 1968, by Parchment Press.  This edition revised and enlarged.  ©Copyright 2011, by Ernest A. Clevenger, Jr.

 Bible Doctrines has 60 key terms and 8 outlines covering the major doctrinal teaching of the Bible.  The eBook is available without cost and may be feely downloaded by going to this LINK.





    A Student Guide for Bible Doctrines is also available and may be printed for each student.  The free guide is described at this LINK from which it may be downloaded.






 One of the Bible Centered Studies series.  Written originally by Ernest A. Clevenger, Jr. and Samuel G. Hill, and © Copyright, 1968, by Parchment Press.  This edition revised and enlarged.  ©Copyright 2011, by Ernest A. Clevenger, Jr.

 Bible Survey has 60 key terms and 8 outlines covering the 66 books of the Bible.  The eBook is available without cost and may be feely downloaded by going to this LINK.




A Student Guide for Bible Survey may be printed for each student.  The free Guide is described at this LINK from which it may be downloaded.






Written originally by Ernest A. Clevenger, Jr. and Samuel G. Hill, and © Copyright, 1971, by Parchment Press.  This edition revised and enlarged.  ©Copyright 2012, by Ernest A. Clevenger, Jr.

History of the Bible Church has 60 key terms and 11 outlines covering the Prediction and Establishment of the church, the history of the falling away, the Reformation Period and the Restoration Period.   The eBook is available without cost and may be feely downloaded by going to this LINK.



A Student Guide for History of the Bible Church may be printed for each student.  The free Student Guide is described at this LINK from which it may be downloaded.





A revised and updated edition of Leadership Training; a course to develop servant abilities particularly in worship a setting, the book was first published in 1975 and has been completely redesigned and updated.  This is the eighth printing, now published by 21st Century Christian.  The book has helped to develop Christian character and leadership skills in thousands of people young and old with a positive approach, practical methods and built in directions for making talks, leading singing and prayers, reading scripture, serving at the Lord’s Table, and greeting visitors.

 Three features are especially appealing:  (1) this may be the only book with instructions on how to baptize, what to say, even how to hold a person.  (2) It has a graduation program to involve the whole family and the congregation. (3) A special Instructor’s Notes and Checklist provides step-by-step details for each of the twelve sessions including a class setup and supply list.  This latest edition was developed with programs like Lads to Leaders and Equip Classes in mind.


In the 1960's many preachers held “gospel meetings”, some called “revivals”.  One of the more popular features of some meetings was the Q & A portion.  Most of the time the same questions were asked at all the meetings:  some serious and some not (Where did Cain get his wife?).  The serious ones usually fell generally into the same categories which gave me an outline of what to cover in a Personal Evangelism class.  

This class outline of “What do people most often ask about concerning the church?” had nineteen subjects, later enlarged to twenty-one when “Conversions” and “Attendance” kept coming up in classes. The first West End class was so well received and the resulting baptisms so encouraging that the elders asked that the class be repeated.  For this class I eagerly printed 10,000 copies of a tract titled,

“Basic Bible Doctrines Index”. 
The tract flopped.  It seems no one wanted to use, or hand to someone, a tract on “Bible Doctrines”.  It was too intimidating!  Someone suggested to me the tract be called, “A pocket Bible Ready Reference for Personal Workers”.  So, same material, same design, just different name; and the success of this printed material has been phenomenal. 





The original cover, at left,  of he tract was printed on canary paper with black ink.   In 2006  21st Century Christian bought Parchment Press and the copyrights to the Ready Reference and Leadership Training publications and they have set them in new type and covers and have them listed in their catalog and online.  At the time they made the purchased there had been at least 7,600,000 copies of the Ready Reference printed in all languages, assuming the accuracy of the reporting.

Both the tracts and Leadership book may be purchased from 21St Century Christian Bookstore, Nashville, TN 37204 or online at (in Product Search click on "books" and type in "Clevenger" to go to order page).  The tracts may be purchased in English, Spanish, Russian or a Russian/English parallel version.


God's Indwelling Spirit
The Doctrine and History of the Holy Spirit
By F. Furman Kearley, Updated by Ernest A. Clevenger Jr.

What is meant by "the Spirit dwells in us"? F. Furman Kearley examines the history of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit and analyzes Scripture to find the answer. At the time of his death in 2003, Kearley was in the process of enlarging his classic study to make God's Indwelling Spirit suitable for class and personal study. This updated edition of the book was completed by Ernest A. Clevenger Jr.
 Available from the Gospel Advocate Company (G55390) $9.99

        Books and lectures available electronically (no cost):
        Islam:  History, Religion, and Conflict by Ernest A. Clevenger, Jr.
A five part study of the Arab-Israeli-US Conflict from an historical and biblical perspective.  The five lectures manuscripts may be downloaded as an e-Book (PDF).

Part I  The People and the Problem:  A look into the biblical background of the People.          PDF         

Part II    The Preparation of the People:  The roles of Abraham and Muhammad.         PDF         

Part III   The Development of the People:  A history of the opposing sides.         PDF

Part IV   The Sacrifice for the People:  The claims of Islam vs. the Bible.         PDF  

Part V    The Coronation of the People's King:  Basic Muslims and Christians Differences.         PDF 

Check for new media at
Recently added:  "A Biblical Portrait of Water", "Ezra the Prophet"


        Then and Now, A History of the West End Church of Christ and Her Ministers, 1973.  The book was first published as articles in the West End News, the weekly church bulletin edited and written by me and issued for more than thirteen years for the West End Church of Christ, Birmingham, Alabama.  The book contains photos of the ministers (and some families) during the history of the church until the time of publication.  A free MSWord and a PDF copy of the book may be downloaded and read or printed.  WORD DOWNLOAD    PDF DOWNLOAD




    Books and Publications now out of print:

The Bible Centered Studies Series:   The series is a eleven book edition of subjects written for Christian Youth Camp Bible classes over a period of fourteen years.  Each of the editions consisted of a Teacher's Handbook and the associated Student Guide containing a special instructional method utilizing rote. Each book had from 60 to 100 Key words or terms related to the Bible subject.  The method used in the series is not solely rote, although the word helps to describe the methodology.

     The Bible Centered Studies method permits students in a camp Bible class, or Vacation Bible School class, to have a ready for use vast amounts of material, but initially responsible for relatively few key terms and definitions.  The teacher using the Bible and the Handbook introduces the key word and its definition one at a time.  Emphasis is placed upon the key terms, the definition and the outlines and the meaning of each.

     Whenever the student is asked to identify any  key word or term at anytime the student should be able to give the definition and vise versa.  For instance, if when studying Bible Characters the student is asked to identify "Abraham" the reply would be, "Father of the faithful".  For study purposes a "Student Guide" is provided which is color coded to the Teacher Handbook.  Each Handbook contains instructions for a one week and a two weeks camp, a section of "Incentives for Learning" and a double elimination contests to challenge campers and students while having fun learning the facts of the Bible.

    The eleven books in the Bible Centered Studies Series are:
            The Bible, 1960  A history of the English Bible and annotated outline of the contents.
            The History of God People, 1963
            Bible Geography, 1965
            Jesus of the Bible, 1965
            Wisdom Books of the Bible, 1966
            Bible Doctrine, 1967
            Bible Evidences, 1968
         Bible Survey, 1969
            Bible Characters, 1970
            History of the Bible Church, 1971
            The Godhead and the Bible, 1974




   The Church Usher's Guide, 1967, was first published as a tract then in 1970 it was published as a small booklet.  The art work in this volume was done by June Campbell.  During the late 60's and through the late 1990's the volume enjoyed wide use and sales.  It was revised and expanded in 1988 to include a section on the responsibilities of the "Head Usher" a position found in many churches a the time.

   The revised edition was titled The Art of Greeting and Seating:  THE CHURCH USHER'S GUIDE, 1988.  This edition was reprinted many times until the sale of Parchment Press.





Directory of Alabama Church of Christ, 1976, was the first comprehensive listing of all the churches in Alabama and contained a brief history of the Rocky Springs congregation, the oldest church of Christ in Alabama predating the age of Alexander Campbell.








        Parchment Notes on the New Testament, (college textbook), 1976, was originally conceived as the first volume of a series of textbooks for use in the Bible classes of Christian colleges and universities.   The material for this work grew largely out of classes taken at Harding University School of Religion, Memphis, Tennessee.  For several years it was used as a freshman Bible course textbook at Alabama Christian College, (now a part of Faulkner University) and the extension campuses, at Alabama Christian School of Religion, at Freed-Hardeman College (now university), and in one course at David Lipscomb College (now Lipscomb University).

       Another widely used Parchment Press college course publication of mine was the Greek Translation Form, Birmingham, AL, 1975, and reprinted for many years.  The Form enabled first year Greek students to translate the Bible text identifying the parts of speech and the Greek declination forms as verification of correct grammar.  At the bottom of the form was a place for a smooth translation of the verse.  The form was used in many Christian colleges over a period of 25 years.




    First published in 1963, my first effort in producing a book, the Comprehensive Topical and Textual LESSON COMMENTARY INDEX to Elam's Notes, Annual Lesson Commentary, Teacher's Annual Lesson Commentary, 1922-1982 has enjoyed five editions, one published every five years for 25 years.  It was the volume that after attempting to persuade B. C. Goodpasture and the Gospel Advocate to print the volume and failing, I decided to publish it myself and started Parchment Press to do so.  Beginning with the 4th Edition I started giving my wife, Glenda, equal credit as the author since she had done as much work on it as had I.  The Advocate was among the principle bookstore distributors, a fact that was frequently called to the attention of Goodpasture.  






A Condensed Harmony of the Gospels is a brief outlined harmony based upon Luke's gospel state that he wrote "everything in order."  Matthew, Mark and John are harmonized with Luke in this outline .

   This Harmony is available without cost to use as needed.  Clicking HERE opens a new page with the Harmony.








     From 1964 through 1996 the three sets of Bible Drill Flash Cards have been continuously published, first in a stack of 50 cards bound in a slide wrapper, then in boxed sets, and since 1987 in a plastic spiral binding.  The three subjects are General Bible Knowledge, Bible Characters, and The Church. Each set features a special Teacher Aid enabling users to both see the question on the Flash Card and to read the answer, knowing at all times what is being shown on the face card; and especially useful feature for beginning and substitute Bible class teachers.  For many years these Flash Cards were among the more popular teaching aids with thousands being sold each year.  Set A was the most popular and Set C the least.  The sets were used by churches of Christ and other groups.  Probably because of the trend in churches to make their "Bible Classes" more entertaining and less educational, the buyer of Parchment Press chose not to continue the publication of the Flash Cards.

 Set A covers general Bible knowledge.

   Set B covers Bible Characters

Set C covers the Church.

    Other writings and publications:
Weekly Outdoor Columnist, The Ledger and Times, Murray, KY 1954-1959
        Happy Hunting Ground, Kentucky Dept. Conservation, League of Kentucky Sportsmen Editor, 1955-1957
        Weekly Outdoor Columnist, The Franklin County Times, Russellville, AL, 1958-1963
        The Christian Bible Teacher Magazine, Contributing Editor, 1964-1970; High
                School Editor, 1970-1981
        The World Evangelists, Unto You Young Men columnist,  1977-1980
        West End News, West End Church of Christ, Birmingham, AL, 1964-1976
        He Is My Everything, (hymn), with Dale Clevenger, words and music, 1968
        Alma Mater (Faulkner University), words and music, Montgomery, AL 1986
        Numerous articles in periodicals:  Some are indexed in the Abilene Christian University's Restoration Serials Index found at

    Educational works:
Alabama Christian College (a Viewbook), Montgomery, AL, 1979
       Five Year Self Study, Alabama Christian College, Montgomery, AL, 1978
        Master Plan for Alabama Christian College Moving From Junior to Senior College
Montgomery, AL, 1978
        Boyd-Buchanan School Unit School Self-Study, Chattanooga, TN, 1982
        Self-Study Report for Accreditation and Institutional Self-Study Report, 1982-1984,
            Faulkner University, Montgomery, AL, 1984
        Bible Placement Evaluation Test, Montgomery, AL, 1978 is now a part of 21st Century Christian









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