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An Autobiographical Memoir
With Genealogical and Historical Records

Ernest A. Clevenger, Jr.

Copyright © 2011 by Ernest A. Clevenger, Jr.

His memoirs, with genealogical and historical records, cover many of the things he has been privileged thus far in life to do; opportunities he took advantage of and vocations he has had @t Any Age along the way. @5 first grade.  @14 C&S Bicycle Shop. @15 Miller Bros. Dept. Store toy salesman. @17 college freshman. @18 Devoe & Reynolds paint salesman. @19 preacher @20 Studebaker car salesman. @21 married. @22 college graduate. @23 radio speaker and a father.  @25 newspaper columnist. @28 bookstore owner @34 author & began Parchment Press publishing company. @35 amateur radio license. @36 high school teacher. @ 37 Christian Camp Director. @38 first Masters degree. @39 high school editor Christian Bible Teacher magazine. @40 Center Director for Alabama Christian College. @41 college professor. @42 Holy Land tour group leader. @43 SLD degree. @45 founded Oak Mountain Hunting Club. @47 Academic dean Alabama Christian College. @50 president Boyd-Buchanan School. @51 president John Sevier chapter SAR. @53 president of Alabama Christian College. @54 acquired Jones Law School @55 established Faulkner University incorporating ACC. @55 wrote and lobbied congressional bill for university. @57 established Parchment Academic Consulting Services. @58 VP JDN Enterprises. @60 established Parchment Group Accounting Services. @ 61 Continent of Great Cities board. @62 VP Mid America Distributors. @65 taught AARP Safe Driving Course. @70 volunteer computer programming instructor at Nashville Public Library. @77 established Tennessee Fireworks Association.  @80 Leg amputation @81 writing the forty-fifth book. 


From the Gospel Advocate

@ Any Age

My friend. Ernest A. Clevenger Jr., has written a book titled @ ANY AGE: An Autobiographical Memoir With Genealogical and Historical Records.  He is a great storyteller with a phenomenal memory, which is evidenced in his reflections on his life.

Ernest has been a preacher, author, educator (including stints as president of several Christian schools), publisher, entrepreneur and more.  In l950 he married Glenda (Willoughby) the other partner of a great team serving the Lord.

Ernest and Glenda began indexing the Gospel Advocate Annual Lesson Commentary (now Companion) in 1963 and then sold the index through their new publishing company, Parchment Press. The book included a topical and textual index of each Bible lesson 1922 through 1982.

The Clevenger’s are updating the index through 2012.  It will soon be available on CD. This project will make it possible to look up good Bible lessons written by outstanding Bible teachers by either topic or biblical text.  We believe it will make a great study tool for church leaders.

About the same time he was working on the index, Ernest compiled a tract, “A Pocket Bible Ready Reference for Personal Workers.”  More than 7 million copies of that tract have been printed in more than 40 languages.   Ernest again showed the power of the written word.

His is one amazing story.  Once you start reading @ Any Age, you will find it hard to put down.  Call our bookstore (1-800-251-8446) to order this book.

Neil W. Anderson, The Anderson Files, Gospel Advocate, September, 2011.


By A Reviewer

Some highlights of @ Any Age covering the author’s more than eighty years are an interview with Eleanor Roosevelt, his participation in the establishment and working with two new churches, his teaching career, his work as dean of Alabama Christian College, president of Boyd-Buchanan School and Faulkner University, his working with Governor George Wallace to purchase Jones Law School, his role in the transition of Alabama Christian College from a two year school to a four year university, and the fascinating story of how he drafted and got a congressional bill passed to save the university.

There is a little of something for almost everyone in @ Any Age. For hunters and fishermen, there are some exciting in the field stories: lessons learned and taught while trout fishing and deer hunting with grandsons and others.  For amateur radio enthusiasts, there are accounts of building and using short wave radio stations for personal and church use.  For would be authors, there are narratives of writing, self publishing and printing successes.  For small businesses, there are descriptions of starting and operating profitable enterprises.  For the teacher, there are portrayals of methods, ideologies and accomplishments.

As the title suggest, with some humor, the 300+ page book is the juxtaposing of the past with the present, tradition with technology.  The work is a testimony to what can be accomplished at any age.  The biographical sections cover genealogical and historical records for the benefit of family and historians.

Library of Congress Control Number 2011911209

@ Any Age is a print on demand book and is available from in two forms:

Paperback    $19.95

Kindle E-book   $ 9.95    Order these directly from  


SPECIAL ORDER  Hardback (Case bound or Trade bound) are available by special order from the author.  Send request to with name, complete mailing and shipping address, contact phone number, and the number of books desired.  Hardback books are $24.95.  

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