The children of James Washington Brown and wife Mahulda P. (Narramore) Brown are as follows:

                1.   Samuel Chase Brown, born November 5 1855, married Nary Alice Cline, December 5th, 1887, lived at Crossville until September 17, 1896, moved to Harriman, and on September 17, 1914, moved to Athens, Tenn.

            2.  Elisabeth Jane Brown, born June 22, 1857, married Asa Franklin Hinds who lived at Glen Alice in Roane County where they lived until her death June 22, 1893, and was buried in the Glen Alice cemetery.  They had a daughter, Myrtle Minerva Valentine Hinds, born Feb. 14:1889; d. Sept. 3, 1973; who married Charles Robert Clevenger on Dec. 25, 1907 at Glen Alice.  Asa’s 2nd wife was Mary Caroline Hickey Hinds, b. Oct. 4, 1862; d. May 22, 1949; they had one child, a son, Charles Arthur Hinds.    

            3.  Mary Emeline Brown, usually called ”Em” or “Emma”, born April 23, 1859, married W. Gus Greer, who lived at Glen Alice in Roane County where they lived until his death, she then lived in Chattanooga a number of years, then went to Idaho.

            4.  Letitia Surrepta Brown, commonly called “Lou”, born March 25, 1861, married William Owen Kearley.  They lived in Cumberland County a good many years, the latter portion at Crossville and then moved to Idaho.

            5.  James Fielding Brown, born March 22, 1863, married Mollie Anderson at Chattanooga where they lived a short time, and then settled in Cumberland County.

            6.  Flora Isabell Brown, born July 4th, 1865, and being born on Independence day, was named “Flora Independence’, but she changed the middle name, “Independence”, to “Isabell”, keeping the same initials, married Thomas S. Flynn, lived in Cumberland County a number of years, then located in Idaho.

            7.  Martha Ann Brown, born October 31, 1867, married Joseph H. Hamill,  near Chattanooga where they have lived

            8.  Laura Josephine Brown, born January 25, 1870, married A. Kent Smith, who lived near Rockwood in Roane County, when they lived some j and then moved to Maryville where she died May 25, 1914, and was buried in Oak Grove cemetery at Rockwood,

            9.   John Adams Brown, born March 21, 1872, married Belle (Miller) Rohrbaugh, a widow, with one child, at Winesay in Cumberland County, when they lived several years, then moved to Idaho where his wife died, and he married the second time, Viola Shipman.

            10.  Marquis de LaFayette Brown, born March 18th, 1874, married Ida Hinds, who lived at Glen Alice in Roane County where they lived some time, then at Rockwood for several years. Afterwards they moved to Idaho, Florida, Tennessee and then back to Idaho.

            11.   Robert Selvidge Brown, born August 14, 1876, married Ida Long at Spring City in Rhea County, first lived at Glen Alice, then in Rockwood where they lived until they moved to Chattanooga.  It is observed that Robert’s second name, Selvidge, is the maiden name of his great grandmother, Mary Blaine (Selvidge) Taylor.


The Children Or Samuel Chase Brown and his wife Mary Alice (Cline) Brown.

1    1.  Mabel Claire Brown, born at Crossville, TN, February 28, 1889,

2    2.  Bethel Cline Brown, born at Crossville, TN, May 7, 1891, married Evelyn Hannah, November 15, 1917, at Cleveland, where they have lived.

3    3.  Foster Clay Brown, born at Crossville March 1, 1893, married Margaret Butler at Mountain City, TN, March 27, l920,  lived first in Georgia a short while, then located in Knoxville.

4    4.  Florence Brown, born at Crossville, March 29, 1895, married William Rute Cooke at Athens, TN, June 22, 1921, where they reside..

5    5.  Mary Lela Brown, born at Harriman, TN, May 5, 1899, married William M. Stephens at Athens, TN,  November 18, 1921, lived a short while in Pa,, then in Chattanooga, then in Florida arid bask to Chattanooga, TN.

  6.  Vera Alice Brown, born at Harriman, TN, July 31, 1905, married Charles Hatch Buck at Knoxville, Oct. 6, 1934, where they reside.


This genealogical information compiled by Ernest Clevenger, Sr. and found in his family records after is death.













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